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AlconIntra Ocular Plant at Alcon

Date: 2003-2005
Architect: John O'Donovan & Associates
Value: € 5 million
Size: 1,495m2

Project Description:
The project consisted of an upgrade of the facilities at the Alcon Model Farm Road premises in Cork to provide a plant to manufacture Intra Ocular Lenses. The works were phased in order to maintain the operating facilities. Phasing included demolition and construction of temporary dust proof screens, the construction of clean rooms, changing rooms, airlocks and technical areas to support the operation of these rooms. All works were executed in a manner in order that adjacent manufacturing operations could be guaranteed at all times.

Alcon Finishing Centre
Date: 2005-2008
Architect: Coughlan DeKeyser Associates
Value: € 8.2 million
Size:6,500 m2

Project Description:
New building addition to existing campus, for the purpose of light industrial office and laboratory use including external yard and utility buildings.

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