Company // AKC Review 2007

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Q407Q4 2007
- AKC - Work in Progress
- Budget 2008 & Property
- GCCC Contracts
- Norman Foster designs U2 Tower
- SCS appoint new Director General
- Dublin City Council increase apartment sizes
- RICS Measurement Initiative Project
- Greens unveil plans for more energy efficient homes
- House Building Hysteria
q307Q3 2007
- AKC - Work in Progress
- The High Court Delivers Judgment on Part V
- Public Private Partnership
- Registration of Architects, Quantity & Building Surveyors
- Development Contribution Schemes - Floor Area
- Bord Pleanala Fees
- Dublin City Council increase apartment sizes
- Revisions to GCCC Contracts
q207Q2 2007
- AKC - Work Completed
- Building Control Bill 2005
- Contractors to challenge New Government Construction Contracts
- Minister Announces End of Stage Payments for Housing Estates
- Ireland's Top 150 Construction Companies
- Chartered Surveyors in Ireland - 1,700
- Project Monitoring
- World's Tallest Residential Tower given the Green Light
q107Q1 2007
- AKC - Work Completed
- Wage Increases under Social Partnership Agreement "Towards 2016"
- National Minimum Wage Increase
- SCS Housing Study 2007
- SCS Rebuilding Insurance Guide
- Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006
- New Government Construction Contracts
- High Level Skill Shortages
- RICS to Measure the World
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