Company // AKC Review 2008

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Q408Q4 2008
- AKC - Work in Progress
- It is time to 'take out the long sword'
- Minister O'Keeffe unveils plan for 7 new schools
- Public Private Partnership
- Draft Agreement on Wages
- Yorkshire firm's 'incredible' material
- Is this the future?
Q308Q3 2008
- AKC - Work complete
- Budget 2009 & Property
- Affordable Homes and Budget 2009
- Draft Agreement on wages
- GCCC contracts
- Planning rules seek to end building on flood plains
- In Brief
Q208Q2 2008
- AKC - Work complete
- AKC Main Board Changes
- AKC Strengthens PM Division
- Service charges in Commercial Property
- VAT in the Construction Industry
- OFT accuses 112 construction firms of rigging bids in the UK
- End cover pricing now, says CIOB
- In Brief
q108Q1 2008
- AKC - Work Complete
- GCCC Contracts
- IHBA code of Practice
- Planners to limit number of buildings over 10 storeys
- PFI report says public sector is paying too much for repairs
- Budget Hotels with a history
- In Brief
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