Company // AKC Review 2004

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q404Q4 2004
- AKC - Work Completed
- Public Private Partnership
- CSO Population and Labour Force Projections
- Development Contribution Schemes
- Budget 2005 and Property
- Social Housing
- In Brief
q304Q3 2004
- AKC - Work in Progress
- Sustaining Progress - Phase 2
- Daniel Libeskind for Cork
- PI Insurance for Public Sector Construction Contracts
- Rateable Valuations
- Recommended Retention Limits
- SCS Annual Conference 2004
- In Brief
q204Q2 2004
- AKC - Work in Progress
- New Chartered Surveyor at AKC
- Chinese mass migration causes building boom & increases cost of steel in Ireland
- Design & Build in Ireland
- Performace Bond Levels
- ICES Members to be offered RICS membership
- CEEC publishes European Code of Measurement
- Irish National Pay Agreement 2004
- In Brief
Q104Q1 2004
- AKC - Work in Progress
- Development Contribution Schemes
- Effect on Capital Costs
- AKC Web Hosting
- Tender Levels
- Economic Forecast
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